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Our technicians at work: creativity finds its outlets on the job through tree and shrub care, plant selection, and even photography.

Maintenance Services provided:

Specialized in all Contech Filterra®, Bioscape™, Jellyfish and Stormwater vault systems, Bayfilter, Stormtech, and the majority of state-approved BMP systems.

with experience doing everything from standard, required maintenance to remediation of failed systems.

Our work:

New Development
Required maintenance keeps these Contech Filterra units operating in peak condition.
Well-maintained Filterra units beautify urban landscapes.
Where appropriate, Contech Filterra Bioscape ™ Systems provide both function and aesthetics to any development.

View our recent restoration of BMP:

A landscaping company needed our assistance in restoring this dry retention pond BMP (best management practice) to its proper operating condition. Stevens Maintenance is well-versed in a variety of BMP's maintenance that adheres to regulated stormwater runoff reduction requirements.

View a recent Contech Filterra Bioscape™ activation:

Photos representing the activation process of a Contech Filterra Bioscape™. These pictures demonstrate the care and effort put forth by Contech and Stevens Maintenance. The result is a final product that provides the required filtration system and also blends in with the landscaping.

Expanding into the Northeast Corridor

with the same level of service and attention to detail that has helped build a solid reputation of on-time service, adept troubleshooting and accurate required reporting for local jurisdictions.


All Contech stormwater systems, Bayfilter, Stormtech, and the majority of approved BMP systems.